“I have used Pump Action as a contractor and supplier for the last 20 years and nothing is ever too much trouble despite the wide range of requests made to them. Their “can do” attitude is what makes them different“.
Bryn Butler

“I have used the skills and knowledge of this company for the past seventeen years for all situations where pumps are required from heating and cooling to sewage, this company has helped with design and installation for the companies I myself have worked for, as a manager of a maintenance company it was great to know that we had the backing of Pump Action if required.

They also designed a magnetic filter to clean a heating system I was having problems with, once it was established the dirt in the system was metallic they came up with the design for the filter and the unwanted products were removed over a period of time.

Not only are they suppliers of pumps but carry out very good maintenance and repairs, also if required they will source anything you require whether in their field or not.

I have no hesitation in recommending Pump Action to anyone who asks for a company that can repair, maintain or supply pumps for any use
Alan Herkes, Contract Supervisor
Norland Managed Services.

“I have used Pump Action for almost 17 years to supply us with goods and services, the directors and staff have always had a can do attitute.

If you know what you are looking for they will get it. If you are not sure what you want, they will make site visits to assess your needs and offer technical help. They will list your options and fully cost any service they offer so that you can make the best decisions for the business or client you work for.

Our engineers turn up at their office with broken parts, worn parts and sometimes parts with missing elements: they always get help. Not one of the other suppliers I have come across will go out of their way to offer assistance like Pump Action and I do recommend them to anyone who needs parts, spares, pumps and / or repairs”
J.D. Hardie – GSH Group Plc